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Born in China and raised in Canada, Mao Yu Lynn Yuan (also known as 毛妤令袁) is seen as a woman of multiple hats. Lynn wears her seemingly contradictory gifts in both business and the arts, having been an entrepreneur, an investor, and a creative director for over ten years before turning to a director role in the film industry. Taking films as her journeys to explore the world and the existence of individuals, Lynn's film topics revolve around gender equality, classism, and Eastern and Western cultures. Her first award-winning short, Mermaid in the Garden of Escapism (2023), pioneers the use of merging new technologies in film production by using AI (artificial intelligence) in voiceover throughout the film.

IMDb Page: Mao Yu Lynn Yuan 🔗

Mao Yu Lynn Yuan
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Film, "Mermaid in the Garden of Escapism" (2023)

IMDb Page: Mermaid in the Garden of Escapism 🔗

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